Polish language course

29,00  / miesiąc

– access to the Polish course 24h
– price:  29 zł  or 7 € or 8 $
– access to all levels – from beginner to advanced
– learning Polish you can use English or Russian
– dozens of practical topics
– vocabulary – phrases – dialogues
– language games – films – realia- texts
– listening – reading – writing exercises
– motivating – reminding
– extra free – a detailed learning script for each day – step by step
– certificate after completing the course
– right to cancel your subscription at any time

Purchasing a course subscription, you authorize us to debit your bank account with the course fee each month.
You can unsubscribe at any time by sending a notice at info@e-lektor.eu

Do you want to make a one-off payment? Choose access for 3 months (27 PLN / month).
Do you want to learn even cheaper? Buy cheaper access for 6 months (24 PLN / month).




– you will learn vocabulary and phrases needed to communicate in real-life situations
– you will learn thematically – without any unnecessary additions
– you will understand what native speakers say
– after completing all the exercises, you will use full sentences in a given situation in a natural and automatic way
– you will understand texts and that means you will understand necessary information when abroad
– you will save time by thematic learning
– you will travel easily and communicate without complexes
– you will use the language at work

The Polish online language course contains topics useful in various situations where we must use a foreign language effectively.

In everyday life, for example:
Mój dom
Która jest godzina?
Mój wolny czas
W supermarkecie
W sklepie odzieżowym
Mój dzień
Wynajem mieszkania

At work,, for example::
W pracy
Wysyłanie maili
Rozmowa telefoniczna

When travelling abroad, for example:
W mieście
W restauracji
Na wakacjach
W hotelu
Podróż samolotem

In the case of any problems abroad, for example:
Robienie zakupów i reklamacje
Na policji
U lekarza
Internet i komputer
W banku
Na wycieczce z przewodnikiem

What will you gain thanks to e-lektor.eu?

You will learn the language thematically.
You will learn vocabulary, its meaning, and pronunciation using flashcards.
You will practice new words by listening and repeating them out loud.
You will combine words into sentences and speak without any problems in a given situation.

You will practice phrases and full sentences so that you can easily deal with any situation abroad.
In addition, there are numerous exercises for revising phrases and vocabulary within particular thematic modules.

You will improve your vocabulary and phrases and have fun doing it.
Memory games, drag and drop and other stimulating language games and quizzes are at your disposal.

You will listen to native speakers in the scenes based on real-life situations.
You will quickly use learnt phrases in real situations, for example when travelling abroad. You can watch funny animations with or without subtitles.

You will learn the authentic language by doing exercises based on realia.
You will see how to fill in various documents, write a résumé, how air tickets, ID cards, etc. look like.

You will read and learn to understand texts.
By reading newspapers, instructions and other sources of information, you will easily manage while being abroad.

You’re not always able to recall a particular word in a given moment.
Thanks to exercises such as definitions, you will learn to give the meaning of words in a descriptive way. The higher the level, the more definition exercises.

Repetitions and varied exercises will ensure that after completing the course you will be able to communicate automatically in a given situation and always talk on the subject. When learning thematically, you learn effectively.

If you follow all the steps in a topic, you’ll practise your vocabulary, phrases and whole sentences in such a way, that you’ll be able to communicate in a given situation without any problems. That’s what language is all about. Good luck.


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